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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is led by the Chief Finance Officer (Section 151 Officer)

The Audit Committee is a dedicated group of Councillors looking critically at our financial and risk management arrangements. They report directly to the full Council and are supported by the Council's Corporate Finance Officers and independent internal and external auditors. They aim to give taxpayers and other Councillors assurance through scrutinising financial management and provide challenge across the Council. The principal aim is to increase public confidence on the stewardship of public funds, encourage value for money and to ensure we have effective controls to safeguard our resources.

If you require agendas, agenda items and/or minutes from meetings dating back more than 1 year please contact Committee Services Team and we will be able to supply them.

You can also email the members of the Audit Committee using:

Members of the Audit Committee
 Councillor John North Chair

Councillor Peter Bradshaw Vice Chair

 Councillor John Greenhalgh

Councillor Clive Mockford

 Councillor Des HarrisCouncillor John Carter

Councillor Claire Hudson

Co-opted Member Philip Gait

Substitute Member of the Audit Committee
Councillor Simon Davies
Councillor Adam Sen
Councillor Ros Wyke