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Licensing Board

The full Licensing Board meets bi-monthly and is responsible for certain licensing related policy decisions and certain licence applications (usually contentious decisions), related to current legislation, including the following:
  • Gaming permits for amusement arcades
  • Sex establishment licences
  • Taxi driver's licences
  • Provision of regulated entertainment
  • Sale by retail of alcohol
  • Supply of alcohol by a club
  • Provision of late night refreshment

If you require agendas, agenda items and/or minutes from meetings dating back more than 1 year please contact the Committee Services Team who will be able to supply them.

You can email the members of the Licensing Board using:

Members of the Licensing Board

Councillor Peter Bradshaw ChairCouncillor David van Dyk Vice ChairCouncillor Roy Mackenzie
Councillor John ColesCouncillor Alan TownsendCouncillor Damon Hooton
Councillor Carole BullenCouncillor John CarterCouncillor Bente Height
Councillor Jeannette MarshCouncillor Edward DreweCouncillor Stina Falle
Councillor John GreenhalghCouncillor Nick CottleCouncillor Terry Napper