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Planning Application Forms, fees and Information

All forms for all the various planning applications can be downloaded.


Did you know that if you submit your planning application via the planning portal you can  pay for it on-line at the same time? There is a fee calculator available on the portal and at the end of the submission process you will be given the option to pay electronically. This will help to speed up the validation of your application. Please note that this only applies to applications submitted using the portal. If you use any other method to send us your application you will still need to send us a cheque.

A form needs to be completed for almost every type of planning application, and can either be submitted electronically through the Planning Portal or downloaded.

Application Fee

You can establish the relevant application fee by using The Planning Portal's on-line Fee Calculator (Planning Portal fee Calculator ) or referring to the schedule of fees below.

pdf icon New fee Schedule January 2018 [103kb]

Information Required With Your Application

Your application cannot be considered if relevant information is not provided. It is therefore very important that you refer to the checklist for each application type. Further details about the information required are available in the document below.

Information Required With Planning Applications: Advice for Applicants and Agents pdf icon Information Required [420kb]

Sustainable Energy Protocol  pdf icon Sustainable Energy Protocol [115kb]