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Questionnaire Summary

The use of questionnaires help to improve any areas that may not be currently meeting the needs of the bereaved.

A questionnaire was sent in January 2012 to those who had arranged funerals (usually through a funeral director) in one of the Council's three cemeteries between October 2010 and September 2011. No questionnaire was sent to anyone who had arranged a funeral less than three months previously as it was deemed too intrusive. The questionnaire was anonymous other than asking for the location of the cemetery.

A total of 110 questionnaires were sent out and 26 replies (24%) received back.

Most people thought that the Council should provide a burial service and the results showed that the cemeteries were deemed to be performing well. 95% of respondents said they were satisfied with the overall bereavement service.

Things people particularly liked about the cemeteries included:

  • Peaceful, clean and tidy, lovely trees, overlooking town (Shepton Mallet)
  • Location, peace and quiet (Street)
  • Easily accessible by road, clean and tidy (Frome)

Things people disliked about the cemeteries included:

  • Lack of toilets, conspicuous skip, lack of seating (Shepton Mallet)
  • Items stolen from graves (Frome)
  • Not enough hard parking, workmen sitting in vehicle, locked gates (Street)

We welcome all feedback as we acknowledge this is a positive way to continually improve the service. The survey asked for suggested improvements and those received included:

  • Enforcement of the lawn sections to make grass cutting easier.
  • Information on memorial trees.
  • More water taps to be provided.
  • Waste bins emptied more frequently.
  • Map at entrance to cemetery showing numbered rows.
  • Better vehicular access for the disabled.
  • Paved or gravel between cremation plots.
  • Bird boxes for nesting.
  • Memorials to be cleaned after grass cutting.
Last modified: 19 April 2013