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Remember, Remember!

01 Nov 2017

... the 5th of November and the firework code.


With bonfire night and the firework season fast approaching people in Mendip are being reminded to follow the firework code this November.

If you are planning to use fireworks this year as part of a large organised display or a small display at home in the back garden, Mendip District Council is urging you to remember the firework code.

Marietta Gill, Mendip District Council's senior environmental health officer, said; "The latest national firework accident figures show that the biggest risk of injury occurs at family or private parties, often because it can be difficult to get enough space between the fireworks and your family and friends watching."

The firework code is a practical guide outlining a simple checklist for what you should do when organising a display, from planning through to on the night, and specific information on sparklers and bonfires.

A full copy of the firework code can be found by visiting Mendip District Council's website

Nigel Taylor, portfolio holder for community health services at Mendip District Council, said: "We don't want to prevent people from enjoying fireworks, but the safety of the public is paramount.

"Following the firework safety code and attending organised displays, where possible, will ensure that people have fun during the firework season, but do so in the safest possible way."

Mendip District Council's website also has a number of frequently asked questions about fireworks displays and the rules and regulations that need to be met -

Last modified: 01 November 2017