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6am starts for waste collections in continuing hot weather

Recycling and rubbish collections will start daily at 6am due to the high temperatures.

Please ensure your bins and boxes are all out in time for the early start (and no earlier than the night before), and note that some collections times may change.

The new start time will continue until cooler weather returns.

To help crews get your waste collected, please:
* Sort and roughly segregate materials in boxes without using carrier bags.
* Rinse all containers and squash all but glass and aerosols.
* Cut up all large card and flatten all cardboard boxes.


Collection Dates

To find out your collection date please use the online maps

If you are new to the area and wish to find out what day your waste is collected, and much more useful information about services in your immediate vicinity, simply type your postcode in the postcode search box (at the very top of the screen) or:

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For hints and tips for using online maps, please click here.

Any resident with the garden and refuse collections on the same week or on different days please contact to request a tailored waste collection calendar. 

Bank Holiday and Christmas revised Dates

For single bank holidays, such as those in May and August, all collections (including clinical waste) will be one day later than usual, for example, Monday collections on Tuesday and Friday collections on Saturday.

Read more about Bank Holiday Revised Waste Collections 2018-19

Last modified: 24 July 2018