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External Corporate Standards

Mendip District Council is dedicated to providing efficient, effective and accessible services to our customers

Our Corporate Service Standards are:

We will:  

  • Aim to provide an efficient and effective service to meet the needs of our customers 
  • Greet all customers in a pleasant and courteous manner at all times 
  • Provide services that are accessible via a range of access channels (email, telephone, web, face-to-face etc) 
  • Aim to provide a broad customer service, using up to date technology that ensures easy access 
  • Promote what we do to ensure that our customers are aware of the services that are available to them

To achieve this we will aim to:  

  • Offer a variety of access channels for you to contact us 
  • Ensure that all staff are fully trained to be able to advise you on Council procedures for our services 
  • Attend 90% of pre-arranged appointments made with us, within 5 minutes, or if we are unable to do this, will provide you with a reason as to why this is not possible and advise you of the action which you can expect 
  • Answer 80% of telephone calls to our contact centre within 20 seconds (5 rings) 
  • Respond to your correspondence where appropriate within 10 calendar days, or provide you with a reason as to why this has not been possible and advise you of the action you can expect
  • We will provide you with our name and service area as well as a reference for your enquiry where this is appropriate

To ensure we are delivering our promises, we will carry out the following measures:  

  • We will scrutinise our performance and take prompt action if service standards are not met 
  • We will endeavour to carry out random customer satisfaction surveys regarding our standards of work 
  • We will scrutinise our corporate complaints process to ensure that we learn from any mistakes made

What we ask of you:

  • That you give us all of the information needed to enable us to effectively deal with your enquiry 
  • That you let us know if you have any special requirements or needs 
  • That you are polite to our staff and show them the same respect that they will show to you 
  • That you let us know how we are doing, so that we can improve the way that we help you
Last modified: 02 May 2013