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Planning Board

The Planning Board meets every month to consider and determine planning applications, the adoption of planning/development briefs and other development control and planning enforcement matters.

Members of the Planning Board will be entitled to vote on matters relating to land or premises within their own wards, as well as all other areas.

If you require agendas, agenda items and/or minutes from meetings dating back more than one year please contact Committee Services Team and we will be able to supply them.

You can email all members of the Planning board using:

The Board will normally consist of 15 Members from across the Council.

 pdf icon Planning Board notes for public [86kb]  This leaflet has been designed as a quick guide to Mendip's meetings of the Planning Board.

Members of the Planning Board
Councillor Nigel Hewitt-Cooper  ChairCouncillor Clive MockfordCouncillor Bryan Beha
Councillor Nigel Woollcombe-Adams Vice ChairCouncillor Mike PullinCouncillor Ros Wyke
Councillor John Brunsdon MBECouncillor Nigel TaylorCouncillor Damon Hooton
Councillor Edward DreweCouncillor Rachel CarterCouncillor Des Harris
Councillor Timothy RiceCouncillor Alan TownsendCouncillor Eve Berry
Substitute Members of the Planning Board
Councillor Joanna BealeCouncillor John ColesCouncillor Nick Cottle
Councillor Dick SkidmoreCouncillor Stina Falle