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Committees and Meetings

The Council has a number of Committees and Boards which sit to make decisions on behalf of the district.

This page lists the various committees and boards.  Look up the one that interests you to view agendas and reports of recent and forthcoming meetings.  If you require agendas, reports and/or minutes from meetings dating back further than those displayed on the website please contact the Committee Services Team using the contact form under Useful Forms below.

Calendar of Public Meetings and Events

Forward Plan

This document shows the 'key decisions' which the Council and its Committees intend to take in the next four month period.

Speaking at Meetings

Time is set aside at each public meeting for the public to ask questions, make comments and raise matters of concern. To make a request to speak at a public meeting please use the form below or let the Committee Officer know prior to the meeting.

Local Government Reorganisation Joint Scrutiny Committee

The Local Government Reorganisation Joint Scrutiny Committee consists of sixteen members drawn from the relevant overview and scrutiny committees of the Constituent Councils, eight from the County Council and two from each of the District Councils