Help if You Are at Risk of Homelessness

Information about what we can do to help if you are at risk of being homeless and also what you will need to do.

Talk to us as early as possible

Come to us for help as soon as you are worried about losing your home. The sooner you come to us, the more we can help. Our main aim is to help keep you in your home and we can provide free advice and support to help you. You can apply online using the link below.  If you do NOT have any accommodation that is safe for you to access tonight please continue to apply online but also telephone our team immediately on 0300 303 8588. 

Apply Online for housing advice or support

What we will do

Once you apply online, a member of our team will telephone you using the contact number provided. You should hear from us within 2 working days. We will ask you questions about your current circumstances so that we can tailor the advice to your needs. We can advise you on:

•    your rights to your current accommodation
•    how to find private rented accommodation
•    how to increase your chances of getting social housing
•    whether your notice is valid
•    how to deal with rent / mortgage arrears
•    get help with debt or budgeting
•    a whole range of domestic abuse services including  Somerset Survivors
•    other local services that will be able to help you

What you will need to do

If we find that you are at risk of homelessness, we will make a plan with you to resolve your housing issue. The plan will include the actions that you need to take to retain your home or to find alternative accommodation. It will also include the steps that we need to take to assist you. 

If you become homeless, we will help you to secure alternative accommodation. It can be difficult to secure private or social accommodation in the area and so you will need to be flexible on the type of property you want to live in and its location. 

Out of hours help

We recognise that homelessness and other housing emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. To ensure that assistance is available 24 hours a day, we provide an emergency out of hours service. The service operates every day of the year when the housing offices are closed. To contact the Emergency Out of Hours Service, phone: 01823 368244