Plans to protect over £14million of public services are being considered

Mendip District Council spent £14.73 million delivering public services during 2017/18 and with the number of increasing costs 2018/19, the council is having to consider its options to ensure funding is in place to protect and continue delivering those services.

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The plans which will be discussed at two key council meetings over the next few weeks, look at increasing income by a mix of generating revenue through commercial ventures, by joining with other Somerset Authorities we can reduce the levies on business rates paid to Central Government and manage the district council increase in council tax.

Cllr Harvey Siggs, Leader of Mendip District Council, said; "It is always our priority to ensure we are delivering key public services for our residents in Mendip, however with the reduction in Government funding we receive we have some challenges we have to face up to and we need to be prepared for this.

"We are not alone in this situation, all councils have seen a reduction in Government funding and like us will be considering the Government's agreement to allow council's to increase their share of council tax.

Cllr Siggs, continued; "As a council working with our resident's right across the district, we are only too aware of the financial pressures that people are under and want to ensure that we are being open about the options that are being considered, as we understand the impact they will have on resident's household budgets.

The plans will mean, if agreed, that Mendip District Council's share of the council tax bill will increase by £5 that's an extra 10p a week, far less of an increase than most other bodies who contribute to the council tax charge are proposing, which we have to collect on their behalf."

Mendip District Council's Cabinet will meet on February 12 in the council chamber, Shepton Mallet from 6.30pm. A final decision on the council tax increase will be set at the Full Council meeting which takes place a week later, on February 19 from 6.30pm.