Commercial Road Car Park, Shepton Mallet

Eviction notices served.

Tuesday, September 15:

Eviction notices have been served on the travellers occupying Commercial Road Car Park in Shepton Mallet today (Tuesday). This is in line with the legal process and requires them to leave by 4pm on Friday (September, 21)

Residents and visitors are reminded that there are other public car parks available in Shepton Mallet.


Monday, September 14:

We are aware of a group of travellers on the Mendip District Council owned car park on Commercial Road in Shepton Mallet. We have visited the site today (Monday) and served welfare forms. If they are still present tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be serving eviction notices in line with the legal process, this will require them to leave by 4pm on Friday (September 21)

The gates to the car park have been closed to prevent any further vehicular access.