Results for District Ward Elections 2015

District Council votes will be counted from midday on Friday 8th May, with declarations made throughout the afternoon.

The Chewton Mendip and Ston Easton ward was not contested so Tom Killen, Conservative, remains as councillor.



Results of the Ammerdown Election 2015

Alison BarkshireGreen Party282 
Josh BurrLiberal Democrats481 
Edward DreweConservative Party639Elected

% Turnout: 73.32

Ashwick, Chilcompton and Stratton

Results for the Ashwick, Chilcompton and Stratton Election 2015
John CarterConservative Party1114Elected
Rachel CarterConservative Party1134Elected
Martin LongleyUK Independence Party578 
Fern ThomasLiberal Democrats1054 

% Turnout: 71.04

Beckington and Selwood

Results for the Beckington and Selwood Election 2015
Clive MockfordConservative Party713Elected
David WrightLiberal Democrats287 
Rebecca YeoGreen Party250 

% Turnout: 73.09

Butleigh and Baltonsborough

Results for the Butleigh and Baltonsborough Election 2015
Lynsey StaceyLiberal Democrats534 
Nigel Woollcombe-AdamsConservative Party831Elected

% turnout: 75.24

Coleford and Holcombe

Results for the Coleford and Holcombe Election 2015
Andrew EyersLiberal Democrats419 
Aaron FootUK Independence Party433 
Philip HamConservative Party1181Elected
Tony MayellGreen Party472 
Melanie MouldingGreen Party486 
Brian PotterLiberal Democrats333 
Alan TownsendConservative Party1129Elected

% turnout: 68.76

Cranmore, Doulting and Nunney

Results for the Cranmore, Doulting and Nunney Election 2015
Ann CrowcombeLiberal Democrats553 
Barry HardingUK Independence Party166 
David Van DykConservative Party615Elected

% turnout: 72.61


Results for the Creech Election 2015
Jane AbrahallGreen Party193 
Peter BradshawConservative Party699Elected
Robert ReedLiberal Democrats377 

% turnout: 66.77

Croscombe and Pilton

Results for the Croscombe and Pilton Election 2015
Sarah CairncrossLiberal Democrats621 
Nigel Hewitt-CooperConservative Party854Elected

% turnout: 70.45

Frome Berkley Down

Results for the Frome Berkley Down Election 2015
Joanna BealeConservative Party784Elected
Eve BerryConservative Party845Elected
Alex BrownLiberal Democrats451 
Adrian DobinsonUK Independence Party386 
Gordon HousleyGreen Party279 
Edwina LarnerUK Independence Party317 
Emma RussellGreen Party322 
Tracey RustellLiberal Democrats603 

% turnout: 63.71

Frome College

Results for the Frome College Election 2015
Adam BoydenLiberal Democrats922Elected
Carole BullenConservative Party846 
Tim CuttingGreen Party359 
Gerry HampsonLabour Party266 
Daniel HurringGreen Party239 
Mike RideoutConservative Party962Elected
Alex ShinglerLiberal Democrats669 

% turnout: 68.11

Frome Keyford

Results for the Frome Keyford Election 2015
Shane CollinsGreen Party919Elected
Felix FitzpatrickConservative Party596 
Alvin HorsfallLiberal Democrats795Elected
Terry LatchemUK Independence Party389 
David OakensenLabour Party456 
Marc PeelGreen Party657 
Richard PinnockLiberal Democrats562 

% turnout: 61.33

Frome Market

Results for the Frome Market Election 2015
Stina FalleGreen Party799Elected
Blanche FarleyLabour Party425 
Alan GloverLiberal Democrats545 
Criss GloverLiberal Democrats486 
Des HarrisGreen Party875Elected
John OliverConservative Party665 

% turnout: 62.44

Frome Oakfield

Results for the Frome Oakfield Election 2015
Theresa ClarkLabour Party117 
Samantha LatchemUK Independence Party141 
Helen Sprawson-WhiteLiberal Democrats488Elected
Corinne SutterbyGreen Party287 
Hilary ThomasConservative Party246 

% turnout: 64.93

Frome Park

Results for the Frome Park Election 2015
Damon HootonLiberal Democrats842Elected
Claire HudsonLiberal Democrats874Elected
Catherine RichardsonLabour Party507 
Sharon SnookUK Independence Party443 
Derek TanswellUK Independence Party435 
Charles WoodConservative Party783 

% turnout: 61.71

Glastonbury St Benedict's

Results for the Glastonbury St Benedict's Election 2015
Steve HendersonConservative Party549Elected
Andy MerryfieldLabour Party177 
Paul Sander-JacksonGreen Party483 

% turnout: 59.94

Glastonbury St Edmund's

Results for the Glastonbury St Edmund's Election 2015
Jim BarronConservative Party340 
Nick CottleLiberal Democrats447Elected
Jon CousinsGreen Party443 

% turnout: 71.03

Glastonbury St John's

Results for the Glastonbury St John's Election 2015
John ColesConservative Party642Elected
Sarah Sander-JacksonGreen Party509 

% turnout: 64.43

Glastonbury St Mary's

Results for the Glastonbury St Mary's Election 2015
Laiqa BrowneLiberal Democrats271 
John BrunsdonConservative Party509Elected
Lindsay MacDougallGreen Party342 
Glen TuckerUK Independence Party107 

% turnout: 72.14


Results for the Moor Election 2015
Maurice HoldstockLiberal Democrats540 
Graham NoelConservative Party916Elected

% turnout: 71.61


Results for the Postlebury Election 2015
Michael GayGreen Party344 
Jonathan RobertsLiberal Democrats297 
Dick SkidmoreConservative Party700Elected

% turnout: 76.94

Rode and Norton St. Philip

Results for the Rode and Norton St. Philip Election 2015
Christine CockroftLiberal Democrats439 
Linda OliverConservative1026Elected

% turnout: 78.90

Rodney and Westbury

Results for the Rodney and Westbury Election 2015
Errol ChandlerUK Independence Party123 
Rachel ThompsonConservative Party624 
Ros WykeLiberal Democrats674 Elected

% turnout: 79.45

Shepton East

Results for the Shepton East Election 2015
John GilhamLabour Party393 
Bente HeightConservative Party922Elected
Deborah LoseyLiberal Democrats708 
Martin LovellLiberal Democrats735 
Jeannette MarshConservative Party866Elected
Deborah TownerLabour Party351 

% turnout: 57.79

Shepton West

Results for the Shepton West Election 2015
Simon DaviesConservative Party882Elected
Matt DrewLabour Party456 
Chris InchleyLabour Party808 
Garfield KennedyLiberal Democrats749 
John ParhamConservative Party907Elected
Robin ScottLiberal Democrats443 

% turnout: 62.57

St Cuthbert Out North

Results for the St Cuthbert Out North Election 2015
Sarah BritonGreen Party202 
David Gamon Liberal Democrats166 
Mike PullinConservative Party715Elected
Kevin RussellIndependent383 

% turnout: 74.38

Street North

Results for the Street North Election 2015
Sophie BaulchConservative Party816 
Tim RiceConservative Party946Elected
Adam SenLiberal Democrats957Elected

% turnout: 61.21

Street South

Results for the Street South Election 2015
Bryan BehaLiberal Democrats974Elected
Kara BryanGreen Party503 
Sally FriseConservative Party803 
Lloyd HughesIndependent925Elected
George SteerConservative Party731 

% turnout: 65.25

Street West

Results for the Street West Election 2015
Rachael ClarkeLiberal Democrats435 
Terry NapperConservative Party791Elected

% turnout: 71.00

The Pennards and Ditcheat

Results for the The Pennards and Ditcheat Election 2015
John GreenhalghConservative Party869Elected
Ross KessellLiberal Democrats498 

% turnout: 68.59

Wells Central

Results for the Wells Central Election 2015
Chris BritonGreen Party271 
John NorthConservative Party494Elected
Tony RobbinsLiberal Democrats424 

% turnout: 71.49


Wells St Cuthbert's

Results for the Wells St Cuthbert's Election 2015
Les BateUK Independence Party388 
Norman KennedyLiberal Democrats763 
John OsmanConservative Party941Elected
Colin PriceLabour Party576 
Harvey SiggsConservative Party837Elected
Tatiana StorieLabour Party390 

% turnout: 68.26

Wells St Thomas'

Results for the Wells St Thomas' Election 2015
David BakerConservative Party895 
Roy MackenzieLiberal Democrats1123Elected
Maddy MilnesGreen Party546 
Danny UnwinLiberal Democrats1172Elected
Celia WrideConservative Party938 

% turnout: 73.78

Wookey and St Cuthbert Out West

Results for the Wookey and St Cuthbert Out West Election 2015
Stephen HarrisonLiberal Democrats518 
Nigel TaylorConservative Party728Elected
Rachael WoodGreen Party211 

% turnout: 72.63