Results for Parish Council Elections 2015

Parish, Town and City council votes will be counted from 10am on Saturday 9th May with declarations made throughout the afternoon.


Results for the Chilcompton Parish Election 2015
David Aldridge 466Elected
Tom Duggan 421Elected
Christine Foster 572Elected
Kulwarn Gill 319Elected
Paul Mattick 608Elected
Richard Morgan 385Elected
Marlene Pickford 599Elected
Jonathan Pike 510Elected
David Richardson-Aitken 276 
Duncan RideoutIndependent415Elected
Martin Stanford 330Elected
David Thwaites 353Elected
Linda Travis 480Elected

% turnout: 72.49


Results for the Doulting Parish Election 2015
Anthony Blaker 114 
Benjamin Carroll 130 
Barry Clarke 142Elected
Ann Crowcombe 233Elected
Paula Fidge 145Elected
Sarah Goff 149Elected
Martin Robinson 122 
John Shepherd 215Elected
Ros Wilkins 156Elected

% turnout: 57.84

Frome Berkley Down

Results for the Frome Berkley Down Parish Election 2015
Ali BarclayIndependents for Frome857Elected
Joanne BealeConservative Party708 
Eve BerryConservative Party728 
Colin CobbIndependents for Frome839Elected
Gary CollinsonIndependents for Frome853Elected
Adrian DobinsonUK Independence Party376 
Edwina LarnerUK Independence Party280 
Tracey RustellLiberal Democrats578 

% turnout: 64.02

Frome College

Results for the Election 2015
Richard AckroydIndependents for Frome962Elected
Jean BoultonIndependents for Frome908Elected
Adam BoydenLiberal Democrats682 
Carole BullenConservative Party677 
Christine CockroftLiberal Democrats433 
Mike RideoutConservative Party760 
Alex ShinglerLiberal Democrats473 
Nick WhiteIndependents for Frome1047Elected

% turnout: 68.09

Frome Highpoint

Results for the Frome Highpoint Parish Election 2015
Gordon AlexanderConservative Party103 
Tricia GolinskiIndependents for Frome270Elected

% turnout: 55.83

Frome Innox

Results for the Frome Innox Parish Election 2015
Sheila GoreIndependents for Frome394Elected
Sheila NicholsonConservative Party157 

% turnout: 65.72

Frome Keyford

Results for the Frome Keyford Parish Election 2015
Kate BielbyIndependents for Frome1353Elected
Andrew EyersLiberal Democrats364 
Felix FitzpatrickConservative Party469 
Pippa GoldfingerIndependents for Frome1429Elected
Alvin HorsfallLiberal Democrats487 
Terry LatchemUK Independence Party323 
David OakensenLabour Party365 
Richard PinnockLiberal Democrats390 
Heather WrideIndependents for Frome1192Elected

% turnout: 61.33

Frome Market

Results for the Frome Market Parish Election 2015
Beverley Andree-BazermanConservative Party328 
Blanche FarleyLabour Party250 
Alan GloverLiberal Democrats277 
Criss GloverLiberal Democrats194 
Tim O'ConnorIndependents for Frome1024Elected
Mel UsherIndependents for Frome995Elected

% turnout: 61.32

Frome Oakfield

Results for the Frome Oakfield Parish Election 2015
Theresa ClarkLabour Party148 
Toby EliotIndependents for Frome614Elected
Samantha LatchemUK Independence Party171 
Cath PuddickIndependents for Frome491Elected
Helen Sprawson-WhiteLiberal Democrats465 
Hilary ThomasConservative Party253 

% turnout: 64.43

Frome Park

Results for the Frome Park Parish Election 2015
Damon HootonLiberal Democrats443 
Peter MacfadyenIndependents for Frome752Elected
Margaret MerrillLiberal Democrats372 
Al O'KaneIndependents for Frome562Elected
Catherine RichardsonLabour Party211 
Sharon SnookUK Independence Party299 
Derek TanswellUK Independence Party314 
Charles WoodConservative Party548 

% turnout: 62.92

Glastonbury St Benedict's

Results for the Glastonbury St Benedict's Parish Election 2015
Gabriel AvalonGreen Party487Elected
Jim BarronConservative Party389 
Steve HendersonConservative Party549Elected
Bill KnightConservative Party396 
Denise MichellGreen Party504Elected
Paul Sander-JacksonGreen Party524Elected
David TaylorGreen Party444 

% turnout: 65.23

Glastonbury St Edmund's

Results for the Glastonbury St Edmund's Parish Election 2015
Alyson BlackGreen Party411Elected
Nick CottleLiberal Democrats612Elected
Jon CousinsGreen Party488Elected
Robert MacbethGreen Party362 
Terry NapperConservative Party400 
Serena Roney-DougalGreen Party389 
Ian TuckerIndependent403Elected

% turnout: 70.91

Glastonbury St John's

Results for the Glastonbury St John's Parish Election 2015
John ColesConservative Party575Elected
Mike FreeIndependent339 
Emma GeorgeGreen Party351Elected
John KeeryLiberal Democrats495Elected
Stephen RadfordGreen Party293 
John ReevesGreen Party295 
Sarah Sander-JacksonGreen Party332 
Susan ThurgoodConservative Party463Elected

% turnout: 64.98

Glastonbury St Mary's

Results for the Glastonbury St Mary's Parish Election 2015
Denise AbbottLiberal Democrats432Elected
Gerry BarnettGreen Party355 
Laiqa BrowneLiberal Democrats392 
John BrunsdonConservative Party582Elected
Paul LundGreen Party379 
Lindsay MacDougallGreen Party399Elected
Dave Phelan-PlayerGreen Party320 
Stephen ShepherdConservative Party434Elected

% turnout: 71.97


Results for the Pilton Parish Election 2015
Jasmine Barker 150 
Steve Bowler 242Elected
John Broxup 147 
Peter Cheetham 158 
Holly Corfield 236Elected
David Drew 229Elected
Jean Foley 231Elected
Edmund Howe 246Elected
Robert Kearle 315Elected
Steven Kearle 242Elected
Joseph King 282Elected
Catherine Lowe 131 
Roger Noble 216Elected
Lynda-Jane Roberts 139 
Angela Wynn 130 

% turnout: 64.67

Shepton Mallet East

Results for the Shepton Mallet East Parish Election 2015
Nicholas ChambersTLC - The Local Community - Shepton Mallet702Elected
Deborah LoseyLiberal Democrats965Elected
Bente HeightConservative Party913Elected
Martin LovellLiberal Democrats949Elected
Jeannette MarshConservative Party978Elected
Terence MarshIndependent506 
Neil ShearnLiberal Democrats752Elected
Tony WebbTLC - The Local Community - Shepton Mallet697Elected
Jill Weston 545Elected

% turnout: 57.74

Shepton Mallet West

Results for the Shepton Mallet West Parish Election 2015
Judy BartlettConservative Party978Elected
Simon DaviesConservative Party948Elected
Matt DrewLabour Party677Elected
Christopher InchleyLabour Party971Elected
Garfield KennedyLiberal Democrats1006Elected
Derek MarvinTLC - The Local Community - Shepton Mallet545 
John ParhamConservative Party984Elected
Robin ScottLiberal Democrats824Elected
Deborah TownerLabour Party615Elected

% turnout: 62.57

Wells Central

Results for the Wells Central Parish Election 2015
Loaye AgabaniWells Independents305 
Maureen BrandonConservative Party524Elected
Pamela CrummayGreen Party337 
Paul CrummayGreen Party279 
Alison GibsonConservative Party456Elected
Matt GilsonWells Independents323 
Adrian I'AnsonWells Independents371 
John NorthConservative Party465Elected
Gordon WilsonLiberal Democrats555Elected

% turnout: 71.55

Wells St Cuthbert's

Results for the Wells St Cuthbert's Parish Election 2015
Chris BritonGreen Party754Elected
Norman KennedyLiberal Democrats895Elected
Judith LudovinoWells Independents588Elected
Matthew NormanWells Independents531 
John OsmanConservative Party1111Elected
Shaun PlentyWells Independents584 
Colin PriceLabour Party688Elected
Harvey SiggsConservative Party928Elected
Tatiana StorieLabour Party477 
Robert WallWells Independents550 

% turnout: 68.67

Wells St Thomas

Results for the Wells St Thomas Parish Election 2015
David BakerConservative Party987Elected
Carol CoxWells Independents786Elected
Simon LawderWells Independents702 
Roy MackenzieLiberal Democrats1236Elected
Maddy MilnesGreen Party712 
Tony RobbinsLiberal Democrats1082Elected
Paul TooleWells Independents698 
Danny UnwinLiberal Democrats1321Elected
Philip WelchWells Independents759 
Celia WrideConservative Party1012Elected

% turnout: 76.75