Upcoming Road Closures

Upcoming Road Closures in Mendip


Tortoise and Hare Run 2019 - Sunday 2nd June 2019 Icon for pdf Tortoise and Hare Order 2019 [9.1KB]

Somerset Schools Folk Dance Festival - Saturday 15 June 2019 Icon for pdf Somerset Schools Folk Dancing 2019 [9.93KB]

Emergency Services Day - Sunday 1st September 2019  Icon for pdf Emergency Services Day 2019 [9.1KB]

Shepton Mallet

No road closures at present


St Aldhelm's Well Blessing - Saturday 25th May 2019 Icon for pdf St Aldhelm's Well Blessing 2019 [62.3KB]

Frome Carnival 2019 -  Saturday 21st September 2019 Icon for pdf Frome Carnival 2019 [70.85KB]


Vale of Avalon Vintage Vehicle Run - Saturday 1st June 2019 Icon for pdf Vintage Vehicles Order 2019 [9.23KB]

Mayor's Sunday Parade - Sunday 2nd June 2019 Icon for pdf Mayor's Sunday Parade 2019 [63.56KB]

Anglican Pilgrimage - Saturday 13th July 2019 Icon for pdf Glastonbury Anglican Pilgrimage 2019 [9.35KB]


No road closures at present


Litton Church Fete - Friday 14th to Sunday 16th June 2019 Icon for pdf Litton Church Fete 2019 [8.63KB]