Time frame for applications

An event notification form should be submitted initially. Application timescales vary depending on the type of event or size of filming production.

Consent forms - to be approved by legal and signed by Chief Executive or Deputy Chief Executive - timescale up to 90 working days

Large event applications will be submitted to the Safety Advisory Group.

If you are having stalls at your event please complete the Street Trading Licence application in conjunction with submitting your initial notification form.

Application formTime frame
Event notification form - all events and filming any size10 working days - to allow officers to view your request and send out the necessary application forms as required
Event Management Plan
Such as fetes, fireworks, markets
2 months
Events  - small
Exercise classes, Charity Stall
1 month
Filming application (all filming productions)
  • up to 10 working days for small productions such as scenery shoots and up to crew size of 5 half or full day filming
  • up to 1 month for production companies crew size 6-11 half or full day filming
  • 2 months for large filming request -the addition of the Event management Plan is required
Road Closure3 months
Temporary Event Notice (TEN)14 working days
Parking restriction application1 month
Bishops Barn hire1 month
Safety Advisory Group3 months
Street Trading Licenceup to 1 month (depending on the type of licence required)