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The Council has specific legal powers within the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, to take steps to ensure that owners and occupiers of land keep their land free from large numbers of rats and mice. The legislation provides the Council with powers to require the owner or occupier of land infested by rats or mice to take any steps that are deemed to be necessary to deal with the infestation.

Where the Environment and Community Protection Team can help

  • Rat/Mice infestations where the source has been identified (from commercial premises, we do not deal with sightings of rats in streets).
  • Nuisance associated with insect infestations (from commercial premises).

To make a complaint or send an enquiry to the Environment and Community Protection Team, please complete the online form Environmental Complaints and Comments

Where the Private Sector Housing Team can help

  • Pest infestations from domestic properties (see details below).
  • If you own your home then we recommend you speak to a specialist pest control organisation.
  • If you are renting your property then you first need to contact your landlord to discuss your concerns.  If there are repair issues with your home then we may be able to help if you are not satisfied with your landlords response.
  • If the pests are coming from a neighbour's property and the source is clear then we may be able to help and talk to your neighbour.

To make a complaint or send an enquiry to the Private Sector Housing Team, please complete the online enquiry form.

What we don't deal with

Mendip District Council does not provides a pest control service.  Property owners are responsible for finding their own pest control contractor, details of local professionals can be found on the British Pest Control Association website.

The Council does not provide a service for the removal of Insects (including bees, wasps and ants) or birds and small mammals. 
If you would like to report a bee swarm please visit the British Beekeepers Association website for more information.

The Council can only assist where pests are identified as coming from either a commercial or residential premises and is unable to assist where rats are seen on the street or in public areas where there is no clear source.