May 2010 - January 2011: Post Regional Spatial Strategies (RSS) Housing targets, updated economic projections and policy development

The General Election resulted in a Coalition Government which swiftly moved to discard Regional Spatial Strategies (RSS).

Whilst RSS would remain part of the development plan for the time being, it was clear to see that by the time the LDF was to be examined the regional basis would not be as relevant. This required a review of policy work undertaken this far with the main area of change relating to the Housing Targets developed in the preceding period. During the summer and autumn revised housing and job growth projections were produced and informally consulted upon with town and parish councils.

During this period the wide range of policies within the draft Core Strategy were also developed including specific town based strategies.

At the end of this period, a draft (Preferred Options) Core Strategy was produced and endorsed for public consultation by Full Council on Icon for pdf 9th February 2011 [203.62KB].