May - November 2008: Checking issues and gathering evidence

Time to Plan Phase 2

This period was spent initially analysing the issues raised by local people in the earlier consultation, as well as information and studies on a range of subjects including employment growth and change, housing need, funding and viability to flood risk, habitat mapping and school roll numbers. This work was drawn together into 'Portraits of Place' (these are explained in the section above).

A separate strand of work was taken forward to prioritise the strategic issues for the district. In order to inform that prioritisation, a stakeholder workshop was held on the 8th July 2008 to which around 50 local, county and regional organisations were invited. The session allowed attendees to prioritise the main issues which public service providers and other interested parties should focus on before doing some work to understand what efforts were already being pursued towards those priorities. The final session then identified areas where there were gaps in activity which efforts should be focused towards. To view a summary of this event, please see the Icon for pdf Stakeholder Workshop Report [445.52KB].

Having established priorities, the next step involved drafting a vision for Mendip as a whole (reflecting the type of place that people wanted to see emerge in the next 20 years) and key objectives to make the vision a reality. In turn, visions for each of the five towns were drafted in the same way, drawing on the emerging issues in each place. As the ambition of each village varied, a single rural vision was not considered appropriate.

The latter part of the period was concerned with drawing out options that had emerged from previous work, technical studies and community views.

For more information on this stage of the Core Strategy, please see the Icon for pdf Consultation Responses Summary Report [1.29MB].