Temporary accommodation

If you become homeless, we will assess if you are in shelter priority need.

If you become homeless, we will assess if you are in priority need. This legal test determines whether you are considered to be significantly more vulnerable than the average person. If you are not deemed to be in priority need, there is no legal duty to provide you with temporary accommodation but we will try and help you arrange your own accommodation.

If we believe you are in priority need we will offer you a temporary accommodation placement. This is called interim accommodation. This may be in our homeless hostel, a refuge if you are fleeing violence or a Bed and Breakfast. We try to offer interim accommodation within the district if it is safe to do so but sometimes we are unable to do this and you may be placed in a neighbouring area. You will only receive one offer of interim accommodation.

You will have to pay rent for your accommodation. You may get help with these costs through Housing Benefit. There are rules at each of the temporary accommodations. You must adhere to these rules or your placement may be ended. If you lose your interim accommodation due breaking house rules or not paying your rent, we will end your accommodation and you will not receive another offer.

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