Asking for a review of a decision

If you disagree with certain decisions within your homeless application, you can ask for that decision to be reviewed by a Senior Officer who was not involved in the original decision-making process. This is called a s202 Review.

You have a right to seek review of the following decisions made in relation to your homeless application:

  • eligibility - If you have been found not eligible or restricted access to housing
  • homelessness - If you have been found to be not homeless
  • the reasonable steps, or changes to those steps, set out in your Personalised Housing Plan - to prevent or relieve your homelessness
  • the Prevention Duty has been brought to an end
  • the Relief Duty has been brought to an end
  • priority need - If you have been found to be non priority
  • intentionality - If you have been found to be intentionally homeless
  • referral to another local authority - If the decision is to refer your case to another council or that the conditions for referral have been met
  • suitability of accommodation - Final Offer of accommodation to end the homeless duty owed to you
  • discharge of duty - Where the local authority determines it no longer owes you a duty because of a change in circumstances, due to an act resulting in the loss of your temporary accommodation offer or an unreasonable refusal of a suitable offer of settled accommodation
  • a decision that you have deliberately and unreasonably failed to cooperate with the council

Requests for review must be made within 21 days of the date of the decision letter date. Your review can be submitted to the Mendip District Council, Housing Options Team, Cannards Grave Road, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5LY or via email to Unless there are exceptional circumstances, reviews outside of the 21 day period will not be considered.

You should explain why you feel the decision made is incorrect and submit any additional supporting evidence you may have. If you do not provide additional evidence or information in the request for a review you will be given a reasonable period to submit this.

Once you have submitted a review request, you will be contacted within one week confirming receipt of this and explaining the process and who is dealing with your review. The review will take into account any new information you provide. You will receive a letter detailing the outcome of the review by the Senior Officer. If the original decision is upheld, you may seek an appeal through the County Court. 

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