Mendip CCTV

Mendip CCTV system was installed and is operated by Mendip District Council. It is supported by the Mendip CCTV user group who represent the five Mendip 'towns'.

The Data Protection Act 1998 provides a legal framework under which public CCTV systems must operate.  In Mendip, CCTV is monitored in a central control room.  Images from the cameras are recorded and held for a minimum of 14 days.  If there is no legitimate reason to keep the recording; the recorded images are erased.

Who is able to view and use the CCTV images?

As soon as possible after an act of Criminal Behaviour has occurred you should report the details of what, when, where and who to the local Police who will be able to issue you with a crime number.  The Police, then make a request to see if there are any useful images from our monitoring control centre. These will then be used to investigate the report and may eventually be used in any future court case.  The information, which is recorded from the cameras, can only be disclosed strictly in accordance with legislation. In every case, a written application has to be made identifying the reason for which the information is required.

Those who may use this information include the Police, Mendip District Council and other statutory prosecuting authorities and solicitors.

Can I see the CCTV information?

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have a right to view only the personal information which is held about you, unless there are some specific reasons why the Council is not obliged to provide that information.

If you wish to exercise your right to see this information you will need to complete a Subject Access Request Form which can be found on Mendip District Council's web page on Your Privacy. You will need to be able to clearly identify yourself, with the exact time and location you think you were recorded.