Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is a means tested discount to help people, whether unemployed, working or on a low income, to pay their Council Tax. It is a local scheme with the rules set and administered by Mendip District Council. Any discount awarded will be credited to your Council Tax account, reducing the amount you owe.

If you pay council tax for your home and live on a low income, you may be able to get some help. The amount you could receive depends on who lives with you, the amount of money you have coming in and any savings you have.

If your capital exceeds £16,000 you can not apply for council tax support. You can find our Council Tax Support policy in the documents section below.

Am I entitled?

If you are making a new claim, the easiest way to check whether you may be entitled to council tax support is to use the online calculators before completing the online form. If you are entitled to make a claim you will be provided with a link to the form at the end of the benefits calculator. 

Council Tax Support Calculator

Housing Benefit Calculator

Welfare Reform Calculator

If you require additional help with your council tax on top of the council tax support you currently receive, you may be entitled to Council Tax Hardship Payments (CTHPs).
Non-dependant means any person over 18 who normally lives with you on a non commercial basis such as an adult son, daughter, relative or friend.
A person will need to write to the billing authority if they are aggrieved by a decision of the billing authority that affects their entitlement to council tax support and or the amount of council tax support, explaining why they are aggrieved.
When dealing with changes in circumstance of a person in receipt of council tax support, the existing capability within the council tax system for dealing with over and under payments will apply.