Evidence Base - Economy and Employment

The Mendip Local Plan is being developed from a range of evidence drawing in a range of information sources. Within the published documents, web links to relevant studies and sources are provided to enable readers to understand the justification for certain statements and policy approaches.

Economic Projections

Mendip Employment Land Study 2012

This study based on information collected in 2011/12 seeks to understand the supply of and demand for different types of employment land and space. It builds in information from a survey of businesses, economic projections and the strategies and plans of economic development organisations.

Mendip Town Centres Study (September 2010)

This study includes an assessment of each of the District's town centres identifying areas where action could be taken to improve their success and the need within them for a range of uses. An Icon for pdf executive summary [144.94KB] draws together the essence of the findings and the main report is presented in 3 volumes:

Icon for pdf Volume 1: The main report [2.32MB]
Icon for pdf Volume 2: Economic tables [1.05MB]
Icon for pdf Volume 3: Town centre health checks and other information [6.74MB]

Economic Strategy

This new Evidence Base - Economy and Employment forms the agenda for nurturing and sustaining future economic prosperity across Mendip for the next three years. There are six priority themes identifying where actions should be focused.