Examination Documents

Please find below links to the Examination documents, this list will be updated regularly.

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ReferenceDocument NameDate
ED/1Icon for pdf Letter from Inspector [85.32KB]13th December 2013
ED/2Icon for pdf MDC response to Inspector's letter ED/1 [66.48KB]10th January 2014
ED/3Icon for pdf Submission Plan - Track Change Version [2.48MB]9th January 2014
ED/4Icon for pdf Schedule of Main Modifications [513.23KB] (superseded by ED74 and ED74a)9th January 2014
ED/5Icon for pdf Schedule of Minor Modifications [397.51KB] (amended by ED74 and ED74a)9th January 2014
ED/6Icon for pdf Representors by issue [456.7KB]9th January 2014
ED/7Icon for pdf Mendip Local Plan Inspector's Guidance Notes [163.5KB]13th January 2014
ED/8Icon for pdf Mendip Local Plan Inspector's Main Matters and Issues [79.28KB]13th January 2014
ED/9Icon for pdf Letter from Inspector [67.71KB]17th January 2014
ED/10Icon for pdf MDC response to Inspector Letter ED9 [123.51KB]31st January 2014
ED/11Icon for pdf Mendip Local Plan Inspector's Hearing Programme [224.39KB] (Please note new start date for the hearing)6th February 2014
ED/12Icon for pdf Inspector's query to Katie Marsh [187.51KB]6th March 2014
ED/13Icon for pdf Katie Marsh's reply to the Inspector [104.82KB]7th March 2014
ED/14Icon for pdf Housing Technical Meeting - Statements of Common Ground on Matters 3 and 6 [174.06KB]13th March 2014
ED/15Icon for pdf Mendip Local Plan Hearing Programme Version 2 [226.66KB]26th March 2014
ED/16Icon for pdf Mendip Local Plan Inspector's Issue 1 Agenda [38.17KB]26th March 2014
ED/17Icon for pdf Mendip Local Plan Inspector's Issue 2 Agenda [80.17KB]26th March 2014
ED/18Icon for pdf Mendip Local Plan Inspector's issue 3 Agenda [51.95KB]26th March 2014
ED/19Icon for pdf Mendip Local Plan Inspector's issue 4 Agenda [87.47KB]26th March 2014
ED/20Icon for pdf Mendip Local Plan Inspector's issue 5 Agenda [59.19KB]26th March 2014
ED/21Icon for pdf Mendip Local Plan Inspector's issue 6 Agenda [74.13KB]26th March 2014
ED/22Icon for pdf Mendip Local Plan Inspector's issue 7 Agenda [39.18KB]26th March 2014
ED/23Icon for pdf ID39 - Banes Inspector - views on HMA-s [66.58KB]31st March 2014
ED/24Icon for pdf LIC chap 4 - Housing and supply -Local Impact Report [1.55MB]31st March 2014
ED/25Icon for pdf Hinkley Point C - 8.16 Economic Strategy [12.94MB]31st March 2014
ED/26Icon for pdf Hinkley Point - 8.13 Accommodation Strategy [5.79MB]31st March 2014
ED/27Icon for pdf LEP - Summary - Strategic Economic Plan 2014-2030 [926.85KB]1st April 2014
ED/28Icon for pdf Persimmon-Taylor Wimpey and MDC - Examination Statement of Common Ground - Haybridge Wells [1.27MB]1st April 2014
ED/29Icon for pdf Paragraph References for the Inspector [369.02KB]2nd April 2014
ED/30Icon for pdf Mendip DTC arrangements [101.18KB]2nd April 2014
ED/31Icon for pdf 60% Brownfield - Email Katie Marsh [70.73KB]2nd April 2014
ED/32Icon for pdf Tetlow King - West of England Strategic Housing Market Assessment Brief March 2014 [124.05KB]2nd April 2014
ED/33Icon for pdf Past Trends and Projected Population Change [236.52KB]2nd April 2014
ED/34Icon for pdf Housing Technical Meeting - Supply Update [256.29KB]2nd April 2014
ED/35Icon for pdf Mendip Trajectory - 31 March 2014 v2 [858.51KB]2nd April 2014
ED/36Icon for pdf Note on Market Signals [125.82KB]2nd April 2014
ED/37Icon for pdf South Worcestershire Inspector's Interim Conclusions (2) [213.24KB]3rd April 2014
ED/38Icon for pdf Economic Activity Rate Analysis (2) [215.39KB]3rd April 2014
ED/39Icon for pdf Housing Numbers - Kevin Bird - The Silverwood Partnership [5.39MB]3rd April 2014
ED/40Icon for pdf Mendip Addendum Note 20-03-2014 [200.18KB]3rd April 2014
ED/41Icon for pdf Beckington Parish Council - Distribution of additional housing requirement re-placement wording regarding the distribution of additional 505 houses [477.98KB]3rd April 2014
ED/42Icon for pdf Initial agreement reached on new nuclear power station at Hinkley [1.71MB]3rd April 2014
ED/43Icon for pdf Job opportunities at Hinkley Point C [712.58KB]3rd April 2014
ED/44Icon for pdf Supply chain registration for Hinkley Point C [1.42MB]3rd April 2014
ED/45Icon for pdf MDC Matter 3 Closing statement [112.75KB]4th April 2014
ED/46Icon for pdf Statement on Draft Modifications - Strategic Land Partnerships, Emergy Ltd, Bell Hill Garage and Mendip District Council [200.45KB]28th April 2014
ED/47Icon for pdf MDC note on Special Landscape Features [81.44KB]7th April 2014
ED/48Icon for pdf Clarification following 04-04-14 Local Plan Hearing Session - Katie Marsh [1.8MB]8th April 2014
ED/49Icon for pdf Somerset CC Highways comments on strategic sites [116.85KB]8th April 2014
ED/50Icon for pdf Consultation response - 14-00643 - Land SE of A367 Westfield Midsomer Norton [81.52KB]8th April 2014
ED/51Icon for pdf Glastonbury SHLAA Sites [2.8MB]8th April 2014
ED/52Icon for pdf West Dorset DC Inspector Letter 03 02 14 [1.25MB]8th April 2014
ED/53Icon for pdf Composite Photos - Rowland Marshall [2.65MB]13th May 2014
ED/54Icon for pdf Brooks Road, Street [1.01MB]10th April 2014
ED/55Icon for pdf Distance travelled to work data - Wells [623.07KB]10th April 2014
ED/56Icon for pdf Land to West of Wells [1.12MB]10th April 2014
ED/57Icon for pdf Clarification on Market and Affordable Housing [363.49KB]10th April 2014
ED/58Icon for pdf The Ninesquare Trust - Statement Addendum Matter 6 [59.43KB]11th April 2014
ED/59Icon for pdf Joint Statement - Ninesquare Trust and MDC - Issue 5 Crispin School [33.99KB]11th April 2014
ED/60Icon for pdf Turley Suggested Revised Wording Clarks Village Final [47.46KB]14th April 2014
ED/61Icon for pdf SHLAA 31st March 2011 extract for Wells [901.88KB]14th April 2014
ED/62Icon for pdf Cranbourne Chase AONB - NPPF extracts [114.62KB]14th April 2014
ED/63Icon for pdf Glassborow - Long stay car parking in Wells [89.74KB]14th April 2014
ED/64Icon for pdf Statement agreed between Strategic Land Partnerships, Emergy Ltd and Bell Hill Garage [79.35KB]28th April 2014
ED/65Icon for pdf Hearing Matter 5 6 - West of Wells Photomontages Note for Inspector [753.48KB]29th April 2014
ED/66Icon for pdf A map showing the location of various industrial sites in Glastonbury [1.82MB]28th April 2014
ED/67Icon for pdf A Road-Town Connection Plan of Glastonbury [934.85KB]28th April 2014
ED/68Icon for pdf A copy of the Mendip Economic Development Strategy 2013-2016 [10.76MB]28th April 2014
ED/69Icon for pdf A letter from Alder King dated 06-09-2012 reviewing the marketing material and planning statement in respect of the Former Factory, Wells Road, Glastonbury [843.13KB]28th April 2014
ED/70Icon for pdf A summary of KM's position [6.15MB]28th April 2014
ED/71 Icon for pdf Katie Marsh - Letter from agent [464.16KB]30th April 2014
ED/72Icon for pdf MDC note on Employment Land Supply Glastonbury [45.86KB]14th May 2014
ED/73Icon for pdf MDC response to ED57 on Five Year Supply and Affordable Housing [107.0KB]14th May 2014
ED/74Icon for pdf Consolidated Proposed Main Modifications including from hearings [559.39KB] (Superseded by ED/77)19th May 2014
ED/74aIcon for pdf Main Modifications Arising from Hearings [241.13KB] (Superseded by ED/77)21st May 2014
ED/75Icon for pdf Mendip Inspector's Initial Recommendations letter and annex [117.75KB]23rd May 2014
ED/76Icon for pdf Section 20 (7c) request letter [56.59KB]18th June 2014
ED/77Icon for pdf Schedule of Main Modifications [1.93MB]20th June 2014
ED/78Icon for pdf Track change version of the Draft Local Plan incorporating Proposed Modifications [2.4MB]20th June 2014
ED/79Icon for pdf Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening Statement [94.23KB]20th June 2014
ED/80Icon for pdf Schedule of Minor Modifications [348.82KB]20th June 2014