Locations in Mendip

Could these areas be suitable for your event and filming requirements?

A map of each location, viewable on Mendip Online Maps by clicking the address link

A list of the Pay & Display Car Parks in Mendip is available.


Location                                 Nearest Postcode                Link
Recreation GroundBA5 1USWells Recreation Ground (map link)
Market PlaceBA5 2RFWells Market Place (map link)
Cathedral GreenBA5 2UAWells Cathedral (external website)
Cathedral Green (map link)
Bishops PalaceBA5 2PDBishops Palace  (external website)
Bishops BarnBA5 1USBishops Barn (map link)
Nightingale CloseBA5 2EBNightingale Close, Wells (map link)


Location                                     Nearest Postcode              Link                             
Cheese and Grain car parkBA11 1BECheese and Grain car park  (map link)
Cheese and Grain buildingBA11 1BECheese and Grain car park  (map link)
The Old ShowfieldBA11 2AHFrome Town Council (external website)
Frome Showfield (map link)
Victoria ParkBA11 1EYFrome Town Council (external website)
Victoria Park (map link)
Egford Lane play areaBA11 3HNEgford Lane play area (map link)
WelshmillBA11 2LXFrome Town Council (external website)
Mary BailyBA11 1HRFrome Town Council (external website)
Rodden MeadowBA11 2AJFrome Town Council (external website)
WeylandsBA11 3AWFrome Town Council (external website)


Location                                  Nearest Postcode     Link
Woods BatchBA16 0BHWoodsbatch (map link)
Merriman ParkBA16 0JBGlastonbury Town Council (external website)
Merriman Park (map link)


Location                                            Nearest postcode                  Link
Abbey ParkBA6 8AHAbbey Park  (map link)
Windmill HillBA6 8EPWindmill Hill(map link)
Tor LeisureBA6 9EFFusion Lifestyle (external website)
Tor Leisure (map link)

Shepton Mallet

Location                                                   Nearest Postcode                  Link
West Shepton Playing Area -
except for the skatepark
and BMX track (belong to
Shepton Mallet Town Council)
BA4 5XNWest Shepton Play Area  (map link)                      
Queens Road recreation areaBA4 5TNQueens Road recreation area (map link)
Collett ParkBA4 5BPShepton Mallet Town Council (external website)
Collett Park (map link)
Runaway HillBA4 5GHRunaway Hill (map link)