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Apply for Planning Permission

This page offers guidance on how to apply for planning permission and all other applications.

The step-by-step process below will guide you through all the stages you will need to complete to successfully apply.

Is permission required?

You don't need planning permission for some types of building work or change of uses, and there are a number of options available, both formal and informal, that can help you find out. Some forms of development may be permitted development which means you do not need planning permission from the Local Planning Authority. For some forms of development (such as agricultural building, or works to trees or hedgerows), you'll need to notify us of your proposed development, with a fixed period of notice before you start work.

Informal Advice

Advice on whether or not you require planning permission is available on the Planning Portal:

Planning Portal: Do you need permission?

We have also produced a planning guide for domestic renewable energy projects: Icon for pdf Planning and Renewables Guidance Note [681.31KB] 

Some areas in the district are covered under Article 4 Directions which will mean that planning permission will be required for a greater range of works. Further information can be found here: Article 4 Directions

Formal Advice

If you require formal confirmation on whether or not planning permission is required for your proposed development you are advised to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate.

Further information and details of how to apply is available on the Planning Portal:

Planning Portal: Lawful Development Certificate

Pre-application advice

We strongly encourage you to seek pre-application advice prior to submitting a planning application. This will allow you the opportunity to discuss your proposed scheme and identify any potential issues at an early stage so that they can be addressed before submitting a formal application for planning permission.

Find out more about our Pre-application Service: Pre Application Advice

If it is important for your project to be determined within an agreed timescale, or if it is particularly large or complex, you may also want to get a Planning Performance Agreement, further information can be found here: Planning Performance Agreements

Applying for permission

Information you need to submit:

There are national information requirements for all types of developments and also local requirements contained within our Local Validation List. For all types of application, please ensure that you supply all documents and plans in line with these requirements.

National Requirements (

Local requirements

Icon for pdf Planning Application Validation Guidance [1.92MB]

Icon for pdf Local Validation List - Householder [1.8MB]

Icon for pdf Local Validation List - Trees and Hedgerow Removal [1.74MB]

We also provide a checklist which is useful to ensure that you submit all the relevant information for your application and also explain why you have not submitted a particular document where necessary.

Icon for pdf Householder Planning Application Checklist [125.91KB]

Icon for pdf Tree and Hedgerow Removal Application Checklist [99.91KB]

Icon for pdf All Other Applications Checklist [278.79KB]

Somerset Levels and Moors Ramsar Site and Phosphates

Please see this page Phosphates on the Somerset Levels and Moors Ramsar Site for more information, how this may affect your application and how we will deal with it.

Fees and charges for applications

Check how much your application will cost: Planning Portal: Fee calculator

Local Fees

In addition to the cost of a planning application which is set nationally, we have produced a document which outlines all local fees and charges related to the use of our planning service.

Icon for pdf Planning Fees and Charges [292.63KB]

Apply for Planning Permission

Apply for Planning Permission 

The use of a planning agent to assist you with process of applying is strongly encouraged.

Viability Assessments or Financial Information

Please note that in line with National Planning Policy Guidance any viability assessment or financial information which an applicant wishes to rely on will be published on our website in full. We will not accept documents titled 'confidential' and we will only allow redacted versions in exceptional circumstances where specific commercial harm will need to be demonstrated in order to justify those redactions.

Further information on other Application Types

Application to Divert or Stop up a Public Footpath or Bridleway Checklist

Application to discharge or modify a Section 106 Agreement

How the application will be dealt with

An explanation of how the application will be dealt with once received along with details of the issues we take into account in its assessment can be found here: Icon for pdf How We Deal With Planning Applications [212.77KB]  

After a decision

Discharging Conditions

If your application is approved, most decisions will have planning conditions applied to limit and control the way in which the planning permission is implemented.

This may require a further application to 'discharge conditions'.

Further information can be found here: Apply to have planning conditions approved or discharged  

Building Control

Before starting any work you will need to check if you require Building Regulations approval.

In partnership with LABC Publishing, West Somerset, Taunton Deane and Sedgemoor Councils Building Control, have created a Guide to extending your home e-book, which contains useful information on what extension projects need Building Regulations and how to apply for it. 

Guide to Extending Your Home E-book

Further information can be found here: Somerset Building Control Partnership (SBCP) 


If you seek planning permission or consent to carry out works and your application is not decided within a set period, is refused or permission is granted with conditions which you disagree with, you usually have a right of appeal.

Further information about the appeal process is available from the Planning Portal website which allows you to make, track and search for appeals online.

Planning Portal: Appeals