Sustainability Appraisal Local Plan Part I

The purpose of the Sustainability Appraisal is to assess the environmental, social and economic effects of approaches in order to help decide what the most appropriate policies will be.

Overview of the Sustainability Appraisal Process

There are five stages of the Sustainability Appraisal:

1. The context and scope of the appraisal are outlined and consulted upon. This is detailed in a Scoping Report.

2. The options for the Local Plan are assessed using the Sustainability Appraisal and subsequently developed and refined in light of it.

3. The results of the appraisal of options are pulled together in a Sustainability Appraisal Report.

4. The Sustainability Appraisal Report is published alongside the draft Local Plan for consultation in order that the consideration of proposals is transparent.

5. Once adopted, the effects of the Local Plan are then monitored in line with the Sustainability Appraisal criteria to understand how accepted negative effects and encouraged positive effects occur. Where necessary, delivery of the Local Plan proposals may be adapted in response to monitoring.

The report, non technical summary and appendices can be found in the documents sections below.